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Josievem | 07.04.2020

Hello to all
In this baffling span, I disposition you all
Esteem your family and friends

Chart Builder

Sam | 25.08.2014

Hi all,,,

I must be "thick" watching utube video to creat a chart/ map sid etc...
I get an open file error message... cannot reasd the debug issue
Is it because the patch is not set? Wrong? what is the chart builder path?..\\ FS9\??

Many thank for any assistance please.....

Antw.: Chart Builder

Peter | 25.08.2014

I do not understand at the moment the problem. Please send Screenshots of the problem to my email address Thanks.

Antw.:Antw.: Chart Builder

Peter | 28.08.2014

PadEFB "Horizontal Mode"

Jose Arroyo | 05.06.2014

I like so much this EFB, but I need the PadEFB "horizontal" like I watched on Youtube: "EFB 0.7 GA / Airbus", because am not planning to use it on a tablet with iDisplay, planned to use a "normal" monitor and my pc have a ATI card and is impossible to rotate the sccreen. in "vertical mode" can't see the EFB completely. Thanks =)

Antw.:PadEFB "Horizontal Mode"

Skino | 08.06.2014

The final, revised version of the EFB appears on the 15th of June. The airbus Variation is also included.

Taxi Camera tutorial

Paul | 22.01.2014

Hi there. Love the EFB, using it on every flight! Was wondering if you had any luck with a taxi cam tutorial. That is the last piece I would love to configure. Also, on screenshots I see an option to load an FS Flightplan. I thought I had the latest version of EFB but don't see that option. Was it removed?
Thank you so much!!

Antw.:Taxi Camera tutorial

Peter | 23.01.2014

Load a flightplan removed since there are too many formats (PMDG, FSC, FSX FS build).
I just make a TaxiCam Videotutorial. but I have a new house and move to another town. Have very little time at the moment.

Antw.:Antw.:Taxi Camera tutorial

Paul Solk | 27.01.2014

Thank you Peter, at least I know I wasn't going crazy looking for where to enter a flightplan. As for the tutorial, I wish you the best of luck with the move to the new house and new town! Hope it all goes well for you Peter!

Antw.:Antw.:Antw.:Taxi Camera tutorial

Paul | 29.04.2014

Hi Peter,
I hope all went well with the move! I was just wondering if you had any updates on the taxi camera tutorial. I am still really enjoying EFB and would love to see the taxi-cam in action!
Thank you Peter,

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